Adhesive Tapes,single sided,double sided

Professional Adhesive Tape Manufacturer

In the list of importers – 45 countries: Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland,
Portugal, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, etc.

We Manufacture

Our adhesive tape factory covers 1,500 square meters, equipped with large multifunctional coating machines.

Facilities of Feichuang Adhesive tapes

We Serivice

We always pursues the tenet of "Customer satisfaction rate 100%, Product qualified rate 100%".

Services of high quality adhesive tapes


Feichuang offers OEM tapes such as 3M, Tesa, VHB, Crown, Sekisui, Nitto adhesive tapes.

All Types of Adhesive tapes, etc.

3M adhesive tapes are supplied by us, including 3m2214 adhesive tapes, 3m244 adhesive tapes, 3MVHB foam adhesive tapes, 3M9448A adhesive tapes, 3M9080A adhesive tapes, 3MVHB custom molding adhesive tapes, 3M55280 adhesive tapes, 3M foam molding adhesive tapes.

Our Capabilities

A major manufacturer of barricade safety adhesive tapes, PE & PVC protection tapes, aluminium foil adhesive tapes, duct cloth adhesive tapes, single side foam insulation tapes, cloth adhesive tapes, double sided acrylic foam tapes, double sided carpet tapes, filament adhesive tapes, masking adhesive tapes, tissue masking adhesive tapes, double-sided PE foam adhesive tapes, green PET tapes, green PET adhesive tapes, golden finger high temperature tapes, golden finger high temperature adhesive tapes, mylar adhesive tapes, water free kraft paper, PE foam adhesive tapes, acrylic grey foam adhesive tapes, acrylic transparent foam adhesive tapes, PI gold finger tapes, PI gold finger adhesive tapes, polyester adhesive tapes, conductive tapes, conductive adhesive tapes, acrylic foam adhesive tapes

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Office Contacts

Shenzhen Feichuang Materials Co., Ltd.

Professionals of adhesives

4F, Tower D, No.604 Nanmei Road,Shajing Xinqiao Town,Bao'an District,

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Mr. Ammar +86 18824257871Ms. Lulu       +86 18824259705

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