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Precautions for using 3M adhesive tapes!

3M adhesive tapes (149)

3M tapes or named 3M adhesive tapes is the most widely used double-sided tape and has the best quality. Many industries and fields use double-sided tape, including 3m2214 adhesive tapes, 3m244 adhesive tapes, 3MVHB foam adhesive tapes, 3M9448A adhesive tapes, 3M9080A adhesive tapes, 3MVHB custom molding adhesive tapes, 3M55280 adhesive tapes, 3M Double Side die cut tapes.

There are some points to pay attention to when using double-sided tape. Let’s take a look at the following two points in detail.

I. 3M double sided tapes surface treatment requirements: the bonding surface must be clean, dry and smooth, free of rust and oil stains.

1. Appropriate sanding, it is recommended to use 3M company cleaning flannel to remove rust, and increase the micro contact area to improve the bonding effect.

2. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to clean and dry the bonding surface.

3. For some surfaces with large roughness, many meshes, extremely easy to wet, and will produce chemical reactions, such as brass surfaces, pretreatment is required first, and primer is recommended.

Note: Avoid finger contact with the rubber surface during operation, and press hard after pasting to ensure full contact with the rubber surface.

II. Pressure

1. In order to achieve a good bonding effect for a small area of the adhesives such as 3M Double Side die cut tapes, a certain pressure must be applied to the tape and the bonding surface to make the tape fully contact the bonding surface. It is recommended to use a scraper and or a roller.

2. In order to achieve a good bonding effect for large-area and long-span bonding objects, a certain pressure must be applied to the tape and bonding surface to make the tape and bonding surface fully contact, and the weight shall be pressed for 12 hours on average. In order to increase the contact between the tape and the surface of the adhesive, or even clamp it with a clamp, so that the tape fully contacts the surface of the adhesive.

  • Adhesive pressure of the adhesive tapes is 25PSI. Note: Adhesive tape must be in full contact with the object to be pasted, and should not be used on severely uneven surfaces. It is widely used in the processing industry, including the bonding of rubber strips and plastics in the rubber and plastic industry.

In a word, you can use the 3m2214, 3m244, 3MVHB foam adhesive tapes, 3M9448A, 3M9080A, 3MVHB, 3M5528, 3M Double Side die cut tapes in such a way.

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